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Learning Center

Information and training for library staff and educators to encourage and support high-quality information literacy instruction and research

ELM Webinars

Recorded webinars are online classes given by librarians in the Reference Outreach and Instruction unit of Minitex. They provide context to the ELM databases, detail on what's included in those databases, and demonstration of search techniques.

Find all of our recorded webinars on our self-paced learning page.


ELM YouTube

Find Minitex and ELM videos on our YouTube channel. 
Check out our new PebbleGo video!

ELM Extension

To encourage students to go beyond Google and search more trustworthy and age-appropriate databases, we have developed a free Chrome ELM extension that can be easily installed on your school's Chromebooks or desktop computers.

Once the ELM extension is installed, a sidebar reminder to "Search eLibrary Minnesota" will appear at the top-right corner of the search results page each time a student conducts a Google search. This sidebar reminder won't bring back specific search results from the databases, but it will bring students directly to Student Resources in the eLibrary Minnesota portal in just one click. From there, students can select their grade level and a database to search.