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eLibraryMN Search Guide

This guide will show you how to search the eLibraryMN databases for best content

This guide is to help you start searching for a wide variety of content such as reference, magazine, and academic articles, multimedia, primary sources, and much more. Begin your search at

Step 1:
Select History Day under Select a Topic menu

Step 2:
Select Britannica School

Step 3:
Type your keywords (search words) in the search box.

Now you have access to reference articles and multimedia


Discover Magazine & Journal Articles
Let's go back to
Step 1:
Select Gale In Context: High School (or Gale In Context: Middle School)

Step 2:
Type in your keywords (search words) in the search box.
Hint: When you start typing your words you may see a string of search words below the box. These are suggestions and can often lead to good results!

Now you have access to magazine & academic journal articles, and much more!

Also notice the word SUBJECTS. You will see this word in library database search results. Try clicking on the word and see what happens.

You see a lot of different subjects that are related to your main topic. Clicking on these links can help narrow the list of results to a smaller, more focused set. You can also use these words to create other searches in other databases.


Need scholarly articles? Try Academic Search Premier.
Step 1
Back on eLibraryMN's History Day page
Academic Search Premier

Step 2:
Type your keywords (search words) in the search box.
Check Full Text & Scholarly Journals

Now you have access to full-text scholarly articles.