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MNLink How To

Find and Request Books from Minnesota Libraries

Looking for books for your research project? You can search to find books on your topic from most MN libraries in the state.
To see other tutorials about MNLink go here:
First thing you'll want to do is log in to your account
If you have a MN public library card then you have an account in MNLink! Click on the MNLINK Account button at the upper right corner:
Enter your library card number and PIN (if your library gave you one) and click Login:

Use the links on the left to start a new search or review items already requested.

Searching for books
Click on Search MNLink and enter your topic or title of book:

You will see a results page like this:

Record A: The 1918 flu pandemic, and Record B: The 1918 flu pandemic : core events of a worldwide outbreak. give an example of print book (A) and an ebook (B).
Item C shows the different types of formats the results display. For your research, focus on Books.
Item D shows the different actions you can perform.
Click on the Record Title link to see what libraries in MN have the book and to request it be sent to your library for checking out.

The record for the first book shows how many libraries have this item. Notice at the top you can click on Cite to get a formatted citation for your Bibliography.

Click on the Request Item button. The book information will already be filled in:

Make sure to also select your library/branch before completing request:

Check your emails for updates from your library when your book is ready to be picked up.