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Ebooks Minnesota

Ebooks Minnesota is an online ebook collection for all Minnesotans. The collection covers a wide variety of subjects, both fiction and non-fiction, for readers of all ages, and features some content from our state's independent publishers, as well as national and international publishers.   

The collection is hosted on the MackinVIA platform. For any questions about MackinVIA integration or account creation contact Brian Cretzmeyer or visit the Ebooks Minnesota Digital Collection, where you can download MARC records. Currently, all ebooks are available for unlimited, simultaneous, and perpetual access. 

Ebooks Minnesota (full collection) OR 


Ebooks Minnesota for Schools (K-8 collection subset)

This collection contains over 9,000 titles for all age groups including adults.


This collection contains over 7,500 titles specifically for grades PreK-8 and omits any titles for grades 9 to adult.  

From the ELM Portal:  

  • Ebooks Minnesota (links into the full collection)
  • Ebooks MN K-5 Collection (links into a list of books for elementary-level readers and allows user to access the entire collection)
  • Ebooks MN Middle School Collection (links into a list of books for grades 6-8 and allows users to access the entire collection)

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